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Family-Owned and Operated Company


Here at Hilltop Food & Storage, we process quality pet food ingredients. We are a state-inspected and USDA approved facility with a current APHIS number. 

Quality Ingredients


We offer a variety of quality proteins for your needs including chicken, turkey and beef. We also offer cheese blends including mozzarella, ricotta, cheddar, Parmesan and Asiago. 

  • Ground chicken
  • Chicken frames
  • Skinless necks -fresh or frozen 
  • Mechanically deboned chicken (MSC)
  • Chicken livers, hearts and gizzards
  • Mechanically deboned turkey (MST)
  • Ground turkey
  • Turkey livers, hearts and gizzards 
  • Hand-trimmed, boneless beef
  • Cheese -mozzarella, ricotta, cheddar, Parmesan and Asiago

If you're interested in more details about our quality products, please use the email form below to contact us. 

Grinding, Mixing & Blending Capabilities


Food byproduct processing services include grinding, mixing, blending and packaging to meet your specific feed requirements. 

We are able to create custom blends based on your specifications. 

Our facility offers over 475,000 cubic ft. of cold, frozen and blast-frozen storage in our production facility. 

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Hilltop Food and Storage

W4941 Cty Rd N, Waldo, WI 53093

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Monday - Friday 

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Saturday - By appointment only 

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